Aranaway Celeste

Celeste is all you can ask for in a Dreamhorse! She has a wonderful disposition, excellent conformation, and a beautiful dapple grey color. I raised her and own her sire. Her perfect life started in lush green fields here at the farm. Her training started slowly and gently. She is well started under saddle and really shows what an athlete she will be.
It’s important to note, she has never had a bad day. Perfect health, no bad handling or training. She needs finish work. But you will never have to fix problems or health issues that many buyers face.
Update! Since placing this ad we have worked Celeste in earnest. So she advances every week. She absolutely loves the work and is a lot of fun. At this time I will hold to her price, but in the near future, it will go up.
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Asking Price: $9,500 (US) FIRM


Show Stopper

Aranaway Showstopper

Showstopper is just a cutie! He just did not grow big. His pedigree reads like a Who’s Who of Morgan Champions. But great things come in small packages. He has had lots of groundwork. Saddled and bridled. We have sat on his back several times. He simply needs more work and training. He has never had any bad handling. And was raised her at the farm. Getting a very nice blend of being outside and running with the herd, and also being kept up in a box stall and handled daily. I really want this fancy gelding to go places I can not take him. I have had some back issues that prevent me from riding and that is not fair to this gelding. I would love to talk to you about his potential. CDE or Pony Hunter.
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Asking Price: $3,500 (US) FIRM

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